How-to/DIY: The Flash inspired phone case

Greetings again lovely readers! 

In my last post I showed you all the Flash inspired phone case I made with my boyfriend. However, I neglected to mention how we did it. Oops, my apologies for that. I was so incredibly proud of making it and excited to share it I’d forgotten to document our progress. 

Items you’ll need:

  • Your phone
  • Newspaper
  • Pencil
  • Design (for your phone case)
  • Parchment paper
  • Tape (preferably Scotch tape)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Acrylic paint (your choice of colors) or nail polish
  • Shellac


Once you’ve got all of your items together in you’re working area you are ready to begin.

Place newspaper in your surroundings to keep any mess you may make contained.

Place the parchment paper a top of the newspaper and place your phone inside it.

Begin to wrap the parchment paper as you would in gift wrapping, using the tape to keep it wrapped. Make sure to wrap the parchment paper as tightly around your phone as you possibly can.

Find a pattern you’d like to use as a design for your phone case.

Use a pencil to outline your design.  Make sure to mark where your phone’s ports, buttons and headphone jack are so you don’t cover them.

Take your hot glue gun and begin to outline the design you’ve chosen for your phone.

Let it dry.

Credit: Team Rob

When the glue is completely dry you can remove the dried product from the parchment paper

 Next remove the parchment paper from your phone.

 You can begin to paint it with the colors you’ve chosen.

Let the paint dry and use the shellac to add the finishing touches to your phone case. 

As a precaution I chose to turn my phone off while the parchment paper was still wrapped around it.

Note: if anyone would like me to create a phone case let me know. The charge will depend on size and design but I promise it’s affordable.

 Thanks for reading and feel free to sound off and let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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