What A Feeling!

Have you ever had that feeling where you’re so alive? It’s like you can do anything, go anywhere even if it’s just in your mind. Have you felt that?

 Well for me- poetry gives me that feeling. I can think up a line and suddenly it becomes another and so on and so forth. I remember in 10th grade I had a student teacher in my creative writing class. My high school was an art/performance school so we had majors like colleges do. Think of it as a not so glitzy version of the film Fame or the short-lived Nickelodeon show, Taina.

Anyhoo, my student teacher Ms. Joy had my class do a semester long study of poetry. We delved into so many types of poetry and it was fun. I may not have been the best but I loved the creative process of it. Ms. Joy was especially tough on me and she told me it was because she knew that poetry is my niche and I was excellent at it so she made sure to bring that out of me. Good thing she waited until her last couple of weeks to tell me this or else I wouldn’t have worked as hard. I may have but we’ll never know now. I share this story and ask you is there something that you do that makes you feel alive? Here’s a special message for you:

Whatever It is will not be easy but it will definitely be worth it.

Also, if you aren’t already following me on Instagram please do so here

I’ve been sharing so much of what I’m passionate about there so if you need a dose positivity or just a quick poem look me up.

Just a note: I’ve noticed people following and unfollowing to add to their numbers which I think is rude and I encourage you NOT to do that. I have an app that let’s me know who’s doing it so those people get blocked. I can’t deal with it because it gives me anxietyso please only follow if you’re interested not for numbers. 

This doesn’t apply to my WP community pals because I think they’re the sweetest! 💖💖
Now that mini rant is over I’d like to thank you for reading and stopping by. 


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