Ahoy 2017

Happy New Year everyone! 

I’m so glad to welcome you to this clean slate of a year! There’s something amazing about a clean slate. I suppose what to do with it, how it’ll turn out, where things will go, when or how they will happen, who will or won’t be apart of your journey- the fact that possibilities are endless- blows my mind.
I want to document my feeling toward the new year so here that goes:

While thinking about a whole year or months ahead of time is quite overwhelming it’s important to have a plan but break it down section by section so things don’t seem larger than life impossible. Take things a step at a time. Take care of yourself! Be kind to yourself and to others. Strive to be a better version of yourself.

My 2016 wasn’t spectacular but it wasn’t catestrophic either. I made mistakes. I was sick. I had battles with depression & anxiety. I struggled. I felt like giving up on quite a few things but God has blessed me to see a new year. I may not be 100% health wise but I’m getting there.

I’ve met some pretty amazing bloggers and writers on this platform and have such a love and great appreciation for you all. I welcome newcomers as well. So come on, let’s take this blank canvas called 2017 and mess it up with elements of your brand of spectacular!

I wish you all the best, amazing & blessed year ahead. I declare in faith that amazing things are on the way! Much love! Happy New Year!


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