Poetic Corner: Terms and Conditions of Loving Myself

I have been told over and over that it’s important to love myself but there’s always a clause somewhere. Love yourself when you reach this weight, love yourself when you have X amount of money, etc. I wasn’t aware that love came with such tiny print. The sad part is some family members drill such things in the minds of their young and mine is no different. I was taught to love myself but then told what I should fix. I’m sure not every family is like this but I’m learning to recondition the things I’ve been taught growing up because some of those things as well meaning as they were don’t align with what I’ve come to know now. 

Example: You have such pretty hair (but it would look nicer if you braided it or flat-ironed it). 

No I didn’t make the above statement up. It was uttered to me by a family member and it hurt my feelings. 

So I share with you, lovely readers my poem inspired by such things said to me.

Thanks so much for reading and stopping by. I do hope that if anyone gives you a half compliment that you’ll remind yourself what you think of yourself is more important. At the end of the day the love you have for who you are matters far more than the approval of others. Although, it would be nice to have it isn’t necessary.


4 thoughts on “Poetic Corner: Terms and Conditions of Loving Myself

  1. This really spoke to me. It is something I struggle with everyday. Unfortunately, we cannot change others. They will probably always tell you things like that, but you can fight those feelings of hurt and use them to become more confident. You can use their negativity and turn it into a positive way of seeing yourself. You are beautiful inside and out, and if you’re happy with they way you look and feel, embrace that. Self-Love is a really hard thing to come to terms with, I struggle with it everyday.. But we can get through it, and we will be that much more of an amazing person because of it.

    Best wishes.

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    1. I’m so glad this resonated with you but sorry it’s on such a topic. It’s such a struggle but like you said, you can use negativity and turn it into a positive way of seeing yourself. It’s difficult because at times it seems we’re conditioned to be used to such negativity but it’s far from natural. Much love and be well as I’m sure you’re an amazing person. Thanks so much for your incredibly kind words.

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