Growing Pains 

Hello lovely readers!

Below is me. Since I’m constantly changing it’s not the me I am now. At this very moment. For the past few days I’ve done some thinking. Some of you know, others may not know I’ve lost my job. I’ve been looking for one and it’s not been an easy or pleasant road. I have to remind myself that things will not always be this way. Something will come my way. As positive as I am I’m not immune to the sadness that creeps in every now and then. 

When I was new to adulthood I got my first and only job. I enjoyed it. However, after 10+ years I was let go for forgetting to fill out paperwork. Silly? I know. Does it change anything if I mentioned that wasn’t the first time I forgot? Well it wasn’t and instead of reminding me to fill things out I got reported. How’s that for loyalty? I remain with a job for over 10 years and that’s what happened. I don’t pretend it doesn’t hurt. It really hurt and I felt betrayed. I don’t include much negative views here but I felt inclined to share this with you. I suppose to vent a little and hope that that’s okay.
Have you ever been let go from a job? 

Thanks so much for reading and stopping by. Feel free to share this and sound off in the comments.


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