All And Every Lady

I felt so empowered that I dare to share with you such a bold statement. It may not be that bold but it’s honestly bold for me. A year ago I’d have never post a photo like the one below. I suppose this is one of those posts where I am made aware of my growth even as I’m typing it up right now.

A message to all ladies reading: you are beautiful, strong and capable of whatever you allow yourself to be or do. Baring skin doesn’t always equal sexy. In baring skin, being modest or conservative in your fashion is up to you. Don’t allow a number to define you. Whether that number is the scale, waist/bust/ shoe size, height or age– YOU ARE NOT THAT NUMBER!! Find beauty in yourself. Disregard the societal standards of what is considered beautiful. Educate yourself. Your mind is also beautiful. Look yourself in the mirror, tell yourself the kindest of things. Repeat this over and over with or without a mirror. Societal standards of beauty shift but that doesn’t mean we as women must. They are broken and just as hurt people, hurt people those standards can & often do break us. If you are broken just know there’s beauty in your pieces. Just imagine what the beauty in your wholeness. You’re AMAZING! NEVER FORGET THAT. Also, remember to be kind to yourself and that wherever you are in life right now, you won’t always be there.

Be well and much love


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