Names, Appellations, Monikers Oh My! 

Onomastics the study of the origin, history and use of proper names.  It’s a hobby of mine and I once called it odd. However, I’ve come to find it interesting. I’ve always been fascinated by it but would be afraid people thought I was weird. Since it involves names I’d be annoyed by people assuming I was pregnant. My interest in it began before I even knew how to write. Once I learned how to, I began making a list of all the names that interested me. I am now happy to share it with others and whether they think it’s interesting, cool or not doesn’t bother me much anymore since it’s something I enjoy. 

Thanks for reading and stopping by. What do you think of onomastics? Do you find it interesting? Is it your first time hearing or reading about it? Let me know. I’ve got a list of people throughout the naming community so if you’re interested in me sharing that I’d be happy to. 


6 thoughts on “Names, Appellations, Monikers Oh My! 

  1. That’s such a cool interest though! Also pregnant people are probably quite jealous of your notebook 😀 I like names and find many interesting, especially commonalities/differences in various languages. But I also kinda loathe the topic since people always want to know what my name means, cause brown girl…it must mean shiny star or deep water.

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    1. Apologies for responding so late. I’ve been locked out of my account for some time and then I hadn’t been up to blogging. I appreciate your comment. Haha I’m not sure about them being jealous. I can see why you’d loathe the topic but if you find it fascinating it may balance out

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