Love in Color: Non-White Interracial Couples of TV 

This post is part one in a series covering interracial couples specifically non-white interracial couples in TV, film and books. This specific post will showcase non-white interracial couples on TV shows.  

I was prompted to write this post upon coming across @PoCBeauty’s Tweet:

Reading this tweet made me think of how many non-white interracial couples there were in TV shows, films and even books. It saddens me that there aren’t that many examples but I’m hopeful that in years to come there are more PROMINENT & ACCURATE examples added.

The following is a list of non-white interracial TV couples and which shows they’re from (Below the list is a link to a list of movies featuring non-white interracial couples):

note: the shows mentioned in Spanish are telenovelas and have very long histories between those involved – much too long to include in just one post. I encourage you to check them out if you’re interested. YouTube may have some clips of the couples. 

  • Nurse Carla Espinoza & Dr. Christopher Turk- Scrubs

The pairing of Dr. Christopher Turk and Nurse Carla Espinoza (later Turk) was an obvious one for any fan from the beginning of the show. Guy meets lady. She rejects him. He tries harder. They date. Go through ups and downs. Guy proposes. Well you know the story. Or maybe you don’t. If the latter is the case, please check out this show. Scrubs ran for nine seasons from 2001-2010. Can we pretend that last season never existed?

  • Demetri Noh & Zoey Andata- Flash-Forward

This was the first time on TV I’d seen an Asian man and a Black Woman. I loved their relationship until the writer’s decided to ruin them. I read, had they gone with the original plan of the show Zoey was to have an even bigger role in season two. Unfortunately, the show never saw a second season.

  • Wes Gibbons & Laurel CastilloHow To Get Away With Murder

Sure these two got together for a short time but they were so cute. I was hoping they’d get together during season one but I suppose that would have changed the series of events that made the show the hit it’s become. 

  • Noah Keefer & Julia Santos- All My Children

This couple was treated unfairly. Sure they had the potential to be supercouple status of Daytime soaps but they aren’t uttered in the same breath as Angie and Jesse Hubbard or Erica Kane and Jackson Montgomery (or any other guy Erica was paired with). I’d like to think on some level they’re still together. Perhaps in soap heaven?

  • Aly Nelson & Winston Bishop- New Girl

A friend brought this one to my attention. I don’t know if Aly is supposed to be a Woman of color but the actress who plays her (Nasim Pedrad) is Iranian-American. The relationship between she and Winston is adorable and well-deserved. Winston’s character seemed to struggle a bit especially when Coach returned. When they finally gave him a relationship that worked things started to shine for both characters.

  • Daisy & Winston- New Girl

This pairing was a surprise. I was thrilled to see Brenda Song as Daisy. Usually I’d see her play teenage roles which is fine since she’s got a youthful appeal/appearance but seeing her as an adult was refreshing. The best thing to come from Daisy and Winston’s relationship was Ferguson–Daisy’s cat that Winston adopted (cough stole). Now Winston’s relationship with Ferguson is a whole other thing that doesn’t fit into this particular list but is still comedic gold. 

  •  Coach and May- New Girl

This couple caught me by surprise. I hadn’t expected Coach to return for one and upon his return he’d been dealing with a break-up. So, to see him in a relationship was great. I would’ve really liked to see more of them but I suppose with the show being mainly about Jess and her life it’d be difficult to throw in more people. Spin-off?

  • Dr. Preston Burke & Dr. Christina Yang- Grey’s Anatomy

It’s been so long since I’d seen Burke and Yang or Grey’s Anatomy for that matter so thinking about these two came as an epiphany– aha moment. These two had the makings of a good beta couple (with MerDer being the alpha couple of the show). There was an episode where Burke’s fate was up in the air and I thought he’d been written out. However, he’d just been injured and they were headed down the aisle. This is where things decline or at least come to a standstill due to Dr. Burke’s actor, Isaiah Washington being fired from the show. Burke’s exit came as he left Yang at the altar. Her words after this were, I’m free. She was heartbroken and anyone watching could see how powerful that scene was. You can see that here.

  • Quon Le Duc Robinson & Macintosh Robinson- Night Court

I didn’t really watch this show but in my research I discovered they existed. As for how they were portrayed? I’m not sure. 

  • Emily Fields & Maya St. Germaine- Pretty Little Liars

From the pilot episode of Pretty Little Liars it was obvious Emily and Maya were going to be friends but watch more and it’s obvious there’s an attraction. Maya helped Emily come to terms with who she was and wanted to be with. I wanted more information on Maya’s character but now that the show’s over fanfiction will have to do.

  • Laz Delgado & Cookie Lyon- Empire

Another show I don’t watch but I’ve seen I Can Do Bad All By Myself starring both Taraji P. Henson and Adam Rodriguez. It’s interesting to see they reunited on TV as well. I’d admit, they’ve got great chemistry.

  • Danny Desai & Lacey Porter – Twisted (2013-14)

When this was on ABC Family, I didn’t know how much romance would play into the plot. This pairing suprisingly grew on me especially since it began as cringeworthy (IMO). I liked them together and hoped for a second season but it was never renewed. The same actors, Avan Jogia and Kylie Bunbury reunited on TV for the miniseries, Tut (2015). 

  • Luke Cage & Claire Temple –Luke Cage (Netflix)

I think the pairing of Luke and Claire is the best Luke’s been in. She’s not a person with special abilities (Jessica Jones) nor is she a trained officer or detective (Misty Knight) but she’s Night Nurse and can hold her own. I love that she’s her own character outside of her relationship with Luke.

  • Mariah Dillard & Hernan “Shades” Alvarez- Luke Cage (Netflix)

Mariah and Shades were an odd pairing but somehow they work given both are criminals. I’m interested to see how their stories play out or if they’ll even have roles in Luke Cage‘s upcoming season. 

  • Darryl Philbin & Kelly Kapoor – The Office

I’ve never watched much of The Office but I will say, both Mindy Kaling and Craig Robinson as a TV couple seems like a match made of comedic gold. 

  • John Luther & Zoe Luther (exes) – Luther (BBC

Zoe and John met at university and while she loves him she began to feel alone in the relationship.

  • Ellaria Sand & Oberyn Martell- Game of Thrones 

Surprisingly or maybe not so much, Ellaria and Oberyn were the only non-white interracial couple on Game of Thrones. If you add them to the list of interracial couples in general on the show, they’d be among a few. 

  • Kwok Wong & Penny Proud- Proud Family

Proud Family was ahead of it’s time especially for Disney. I can probably count on one hand how many of their shows had a black lead. That could be said about the majority of the other networks mentioned on this list. I loved this show and this pairing. It lasted all of one episode but it stuck with the audience (or at least it stuck with me). 

Fast forward to 2017, a short-lived TV show called Still Star-Crossed airs on ABC with a multicultural cast. The show takes place after the events of Romeo and Juliet with the titular characters portrayed as interracial star-crossed lovers. See how Proud Family was ahead of it’s time?

  • Phoebe Heyerdahl & Gerald Johanssen – Hey Arnold!

Here’s another pairing ahead of it’s time. The titular character was the affection of Phoebe’s BFF, Helga G. Pataki. How awkward would it be to see all four characters double date? I found it interesting that while both Gerald and Phoebe were secondary characters they had plenty of fans (even til this day) shipping them. I hope to see what becomes of them in the upcoming Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie. (set to air November 24 on Nickelodeon)

  • Veil & Sunny – Into the Badlands

I’ve not seen much of this show but I know of this pairing. When fans first see them together their responses were refreshing and I don’t blame them at all. Seeing a diverse couple outside of traditional white & black couple is a rarity which is why I even created this list in the first place. 

  • Preta de Souza & Paco Lambertini Sardinha- Da Cor do Pecado (Shades of Sin)

  • Liam Lupo & Bay Kennish – Switched at Birth

The show begins with these two already paired up. They both participate in a blood test project for school which is what leads Bay to discover she’s not her parent’s biological daughter. Bay begins to lash out at those around her which unfortunately includes Liam. Her attitude, ultimately leads to Liam breaking up with her.

  • Sabrina Soares da Costa de Queiroz Barreto & Barretinho (Paulo de Queiroz Barreto Filho) – Duas Caras

  • Zidane & Gislaine Caó dos Santos – Duas Caras

  • Cassío & Léa–Duas Caras 

  • Lucas Morales & Fara Okembe- Mar de Plastico

  • Simone Deveaux & Isaac Mendez- Heroes

I’ve not seen much of Heroes but I do recall talk of this pairing. She was an art dealer and he had the ability to paint the future. They eventually break up and she’s accidentally killed by him towards season one’s end.

  • Melinda May & Andrew Garner- Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

  • Koko & Kwan- American Koko

  • Jimmy Brooks & Hazel Aden – Degrassi: The New Generation

Some may not consider the pairing of Jimmy and Hazel to be fitting for this list. In real life, Aubrey Graham/Drake is biracial although, his character Jimmy was assumed to be Black. While Hazel played by Andrea Lewis, was Somalian and Muslim. They were a cute couple while they lasted. She eventually fell off canvas while he remained until season seven.

  • Dana & Delante – House of Payne

Dana was biracial and Delante was assumed to be Black. They were short-lived and underdeveloped but worth adding to this list.

  • Mitch & Tracy- Truth Be Told 

If you didn’t know, Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s mother is of Indonesian descent. His characters aren’t known to be Indonesian but the fact still remains so I’ve included his pairing with Vanessa Lachey on the short lived sitcom Truth Be Told (2015). 

  • Lafayette Reynolds & Jesús Velasquez- True Blood

Ever since Santos died on Ugly Betty I’d missed seeing, Kevin Alejandro on TV. I was thrilled when he popped up as Jesùs (and part of the main cast on True Blood). His character creeped me out but his relationship with Lafayette, played by the late Nelsan Ellis added intrigue to the plot.

  • Dev Shah & Rachel Silva- Masters of None

I haven’t seen much of this show but to see a pairing where neither is white or black is interesting and something not seen often, if at all. 

  •  K.C. Cooper & Brett WillisK.C. Undercover

This is a great step for Disney to 

  1. Have a woman of color as the lead 

  2. Pair her with another person of color. 

 I’m a fan of Zendaya and am glad to have discovered she’s also one of the producers for K.C. Undercover

  • Dr. Camille Saroyan & Dr. Arastoo Vaziri – Bones

By the time Cam and Arastoo became a couple I’d fallen off watching Bones but the clips I’ve seen are super adorable. Why couldn’t these two had happened sooner?

  • Alli Bhandari & Dave Turner – Degrassi

These two together were an interesting choice. Their start wasn’t so great since it was unrequited (on Dave’s part). Eventually they started dating until Dave cheated. They got back together only for Dave to dump Alli? 

Here’s a quote from Alli, I lost my virginity in the back of a van, parked in a ravine at 14. Drew cheated on me in the boiler room and then the guy I loved and trusted the most had sex with a stranger this summer and then lied to me about it. So, yes, I have trust issues
Ugh that’s teen drama for you. 

  •  Alli Bhandari & Drew Torres- Degrassi

I’ve noticed a pattern in the relationships involving Alli– they cheat, she eventually forgives them and they either get back together or become friends. Her relationship with Drew became part of a love triangle involving Bianca De Sousa (included below). More teen drama.

  • Manny Santos & Damian Hayes – Degrassi

I liked Damian and Manny together. Unfortunately, it was the least featured relationship on the show. 

  • Anson Russ & Bianca DeSousa – Degrassi

If I use what I know about Bianca’s character I’d assume this relationship was nothing but trouble. It was short-lived and didn’t end well.

  • Poussey Washington & Brook Soso- Orange Is The New Black 

I’ve got a confession; I never watched Orange is the New Black. I cannot speak on this pairing but if any of you want to add anything feel free to comment. 

  • Evil Queen/Regina Mills & Genie/Magic Mirror/Sidney Glass – Once Upon A Time

This pairing had a whole episode dedicated to what turned out to be unrequited love. Sidney Glass was the Storybrooke persona of The Genie from Agrabah who later became Magic Mirror. He was in love with the Evil Queen which she played to her advantage. His final wish (spoken to Regina) before becoming The Magic Mirror was as follows:

I wish to be with you forever, to look upon your face always, to never leave your side. 

  • Queen Guinevere & Sir Lancelot- Once Upon A Time

King Arthur’s wife, Guinevere and his best friend, Lancelot had a romance while Arthur obsessed over his legacy and that of his kingdom.

Guinevere: Don’t try to stop me. 

Lancelot: Stop you? I’m joining you. 

  • Princess Jasmine & Aladdin– Once Upon A Time

  • Merlin & Nimue- Once Upon A Time

Merlin to Nimue: 

I would rather share a life with you to the end than go on without you

  • Adrian Lee & Dante– The Secret Life of the American Teenager

This pairing began as Adrian realized her marriage had fallen apart. It became into a long-distance relationship until she met Dante’s brother Omar.

  • Adrian Lee & Omar–The Secret Life of the American Teenager

  • Jane Villanueva & Dennis Chambers – Jane The Virgin

After losing her husband/soulmate, Michael Jane briefly dated his partner, Detective Dennis Chambers.

  • Amanda Monteverde & Rafael Urrieta–Flor Salvaje

  • Amanda Monteverde & Sacramento Iglesias– Flor Salvaje

  • Amanda Monteverde & Pablo Aguilar– Flor Salvaje

  • Blink & Thunderbird– The Gifted

  • Phil & Carrie– The Exes 

This pairing was an interesting turn of events. Phil bumps into Carrie, his ex-wife at a soon-to-be closed restaurant. (Season 1: Episode 8) 

  • Carmen & Sam– Devious Maids

Carmen was a dreamer in search of fame and Sam was a driver to the elite. Carmen wanted more and Sam was content. Let’s just say that’s a not such a good combination 

  • Dr. Glass & Dr. Choi– Chicago Med

He wasn’t intimidated by her cold exterior and that caught her by surprise– pleasantly.

  • Lara Vega & Lt. Will Blake (exes) – Minority Report (TV show

While this show was short-lived, it was very good and a potential to be a hit. Unfortunately it didn’t see a second season. It’s revealed the pairing of Lara and Will occurred prior to the events of the show. 

  • Scott McCall & Kira Yukimura–Teen Wolf (TV show

  • Naevia & Crixus – Spartacus

  • Slade Wilson & Shado – Arrow

  • Kendra Saunders & Cisco Ramón– The Flash

Anyone familiar with Hawkgirl knew the pairing between she and Cisco wouldn’t last as she’s fated to be with Hawkman (what patriarchal balderdash? Why’s he man??) Anyway, these two didn’t really have a chance but they were sweet they lasted.

  •  Tony & Sam – California Dreams

  • Roberta Warren & Javier Vasquez – Z Nation

  • Rosa Diaz & Marcus Holt – Brooklyn 99

  • Tom Haverford & Ann Perkins – Parks and Recreation

  • Kat Edison & Adena El- Amin – The Bold Type 

  • Tahani al- Jamil & Jason Mendoza – The Good Place

  • Nyx Harper & Type Tetsuda – Dark Matter

  • Travis Verta & Sonya Valentine – Continuum 

  • Ezekiel Figuero & Mylene Cruz – The Good Down 

  • Guinevere & Lancelot – Merlin 

Not to be confused with the couple from Once Upon A Time

  • Josh Chan & Valencia Perez – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

  • Cassie Calloway & Chen Bao – Survivor’s Remorse

  • Nina Sandoval & Shawn Robinson – Daytime Divas

  • Mo Evans & Leon – Daytime Divas

  • Jared Kalu & Claire Browne – The Good Doctor

  • Calvin & Mercedes – House of Payne 

  • Matt Mahoney & Daisy Grant – Madam Secretary

  •  Dr. Zita Toledo & Dr. Otis Cole – Off the Map

  • Kinu Owen & Dwayne Wayne – A Different World 

  • Mariana Adams Foster & Matt Tan – The Fosters 

  • Agustín & Frank – Looking 

  • Shawn Spencer & Burton “Gus” Guster (😂😂) – Psych

  • Joan Watson & Andrew Paek – Elementary

  • James Olsen & Lucy Lane – Supergirl

  • Wallace Fennel & Jackie Cook – Veronica Mars

  • Gypsy (Cynthia Reynolds) & Vibe (Cisco Ramón) – The Flash 

  • Rufus Carlin & Jiya – Timeless

  • Michael Burnham & Ash Tyler – Star Trek: Discovery 

  • Christina Hawthorne & Nick Renata – Hawthorne 

  • Mohinder Suresh & Maya Herrera – Heroes 

  • Nico Minoru & Alex Wilder – Marvel’s Runaways

  • Talvinder Gill & Peter Broome – Netflix Original Slasher: Guilty Party (TV series) 

  • Anissa Pierce & Grace Choi – Black Lightning

Thanks for reading and feel free to add any I may have missed in the comments below. Are there some you don’t think qualify? 

For a look at the movie counterpart to this list click here. 

Also, the majority of these couples are no longer together whether their shows are still airing or not. I’d like to know your thoughts. 


15 thoughts on “Love in Color: Non-White Interracial Couples of TV 

      1. Yes that was one of the shows I binged watch during my second pregnancy. It was freaking adorable he hid it and surprised her. Sometimes you have to lose a battle to win a war. He’s a man that romanced that woman and kept it live. I remember when she went into labor and him and his buddy went outside with the band. They were playing music and dancing!

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  1. add roberta warren & javier vasquez from z nation! also rosa diaz & marcus holt from brooklyn 99. tom haverford & ann perkins from parks & rec. kat edison & adena el-amin from the bold type. tahani al-jamil & jason mendoza from the good place. maybe veronica lodge & archie andrews from riverdale – he’s fully white on the show even tho the actor, kj spa, is half asian (i think either samoan or cambodian). bellamy blake & raven reyes from the 100 – they only had one hook up tho. nyx & “four”/ryo ishida from dark matter; also nyx & “two” from dark matter. maybe aang & katara from avatar the last air bender? also ezekiel figuero & myelne cruz from the get down. that’s all i can think of!

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